=25% discount on all Cannabis $9.00/gram or less – and on all other items aside from cannabis – to those who produce evidence of being on Income Assistance or Disability – up to one ounce per day maximum. All prices include tax!!



Joint/Gram/Eighth  – Regular Price
(Joint/Gram/Eighth  – Income Assistance/Disability Price)
All prices expressed in dollar amount




Pink Sonja Kush:                                5.50/11/38.50

Master Kush:                                        5.50/11/38.50

Hashplant:                                            4/8/28            (3/6/21)



Indica Dominant Hybrid

Bubba’s Crack:                                      5.50/11/38.50

God’s Gift:                                             5/10/35

Green God:                                           5/10/35

Grape God:                                           5/10/35

Green Crack God Bud:                       5/10/35

DGG:                                                      5/10/35

Cherry Kush:                                        4/8/28            (3/6/21)





Infinity                                                     5.50/11/38.50


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Citrus Swirl:                                            4.50/9/31.50  (3.50/6.75/23.50)

Silver AK                                                  4.50/9/31.50  (3.50/6.75/23.50)

Tony’s Dream:                                         5/10/35

Amnesia:                                                   5/10/35

Blue Dream                                              5/10/35

Shishkaberry:                                          5/10/35




Burgundy:                                                 4.50/9/31.50  (3.50/6.75/23.50)

CGG:                                                           5/10/35

HBGC                                                        5.50/11/38.50

Sweet Berlin:                                            5.50/11/38.50

Green Crack:                                            5.50/11/38.50



 Hash & Concentrates


House Hash:                                                     12/g   (9)

Hillbilly Hash:                                                 30/g  (22.50)

White Kush Bubble:                                        33/g   (24.75)

Purple Kush Supreme:                                   33/g   (24.75)


Thompson Caribou Concentrates:



Glacial Gold Concentrates:





Rockstar hash (70-120 micron):                     65/g    (45)

Afganhi hash (70-120 micron):                       65/g    (45)

The Pink hash (70-120 micron):                     65/g    (45)

OGxGSC hash (70-120 micron):                      65/g    (45)

OG Rosin AAA:                                                   85/.5   (60/.5g)

Mr.Rosin Purple Kush Rosin:                          110/g     (82.50g)



Terpfire Concentrates

Rockstar:                                                    33/.5g 66/1g (24.75/.5g 49.50/1g)



Honey Oil(Fruit Punch,Rootbeer,Terpine Flavored):                                                                          55/Vial(41.25/Vial)

E-Juice pen Kits:                                         60 per kit (45)

Refill Tips:                                                   30/.5ml or 50/1ml (22.5 or 37.50)

Phant Concentrates

Purple Candy Shatter:                               33/.5g 66/1g (24.75/.5g 49.50/1g)


House blend e-shatter cartridge:               50/cartridge (37.50/cartridge)


Tony’s Touch Concentrates

Green Crack God Bud                                 27.50/.5g


Purple Candy Shatter:                                27.50/.5 (20.50)

House Shatter:                                           40/g (30/g)

Calm’s Passion:

CBD Syringe:                                                70 (52.50)

THC Syringe:                                                30 (22.50)

THC capsules(10mg):                                  1.50/ea (.88)

CBD Capsules:                                               4/ea (3)

Calm’s Passion CBD Tincture(450mgCBD 30ml):            110 (82.50)


Tictures,Cannacaps,Topicals and Oils


 Aphrodisiac/Tonic Cannabis Tincture:                  23/bottle  (17.50/bottle)

Mary’s Phoenix Tears(550mg):                                45/Vial     (33.75/Vial)

Mary’s Tincture(55mg)                                              8/bottle    (6/bottle)

Yohimbe Tincture:                                                      23/bottle (17.50/bottle)

Anointing Oils:                                                             45/Vial   (33.75/Vial)

Aphrodite’s Cannabis Tincture:                                45/Vial   (33.75/Vial)

 Cannabis Infused Butter (Zeus):                              45/puck  (33.75/puck)

 Ave Maria Infusions:

Oxum’s Sensual Make-out Balm                               40/jar      (30/jar)

Eve’s Vanilla Rose Indica Tincture                           45/bottle (33.75/bottle)

Freya’s Sativa Berry Rose Tincture                          45/bottle (33.75/bottle)

Aphrodite’s Warming Indica Tincture                    45/bottle (33.75/bottle)


Green Goddess:

Olive Oil (265ml):      45/bottle                                         (33.75/bottle)

MJ Creams:

Available in Pain, Calm, Skin, Heat and Pure formulations.

Prices and sizes   28/50ml 55/119ml 130/265ml

                              (21/50ml/41.25/119ml /123/265ml)

Green Works:

Soothe/Relive creams                                     45/bottle (33.75/bottle)

Massage oil Sativa and Indica                      25/bottle (18.75/bottle)

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